Easy Agile 5th Birthday Celebration

Darren Collins
9 months agoApril 30, 2021
Happy birthday all! You've come a long way in just 5 years!
Bruce Carney
9 months agoMay 3, 2021
Well done Team Easy Agile. enjoy your incredible journey.
9 months agoMay 4, 2021
Happy birthday folks. Congratulations on your amazing journey.
Keep it up. Stay passionate, stay hungry, stay compassionate!
Nishanth T
9 months agoMay 5, 2021
Easy Agile Family, Happy Birthday to you from Appfire! Amazing.
John Walpole
8 months agoMay 9, 2021
Congratulations Nicholas Muldoon. The products you and your team have built are incredible! Thank you for always listening to your customers and shipping. 💯
Marina Ferraz McCashin
8 months agoMay 16, 2021
Happy Birthday to Easy Agile from GLiNTECH!!
Dipan P
about 2 months agoNovember 28, 2021
Easy Agile Team - congratulations on reaching this professional milestone! Your values and employee satisfaction is shining bright in this lovely video. Have a great future together with Atlassian products!
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